Catfish Junction RV Park-Huntington, OR.

cropped-cute-bee-clip-art-love-bees-cartoon-clip-art-more-clip-art-1 Leaving Hermiston, OR we headed southeast to the small town of Huntington along the Snake River to the campground called Catfish Junction RV Park. WOW, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer place along the river to do an overnight stay. The staff at the park were so nice, inviting us to come -on -over for dinner! We got our “house” settled and headed on over to the outdoor picnic area. Gosh what a layout! Fresh deep fried catfish (caught that day), salads, beans, and so many deserts it’s hard to remember all of them. Only know our plates were full…lol.  It was delicious!

Ron & Sissy took a walk along the river, watching a couple of people fishing on the bank and exploring the surrounding area.

The sunset & sunrise was just beautiful over the surrounding mountains and reflecting on the river. Taking in the peaceful quiet & beauty of the area.


delicious catfish dinner


evening settling on Snake river


nothing but an empty plate


quiet time of day


morning walks


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